Dweomery – Pathfinder Spell Browser and Cards

Dweomery is a tool to organize your spells and make printable spell cards for the Pathfinder role playing game. You can open the app for Pathfinder First Edition or for Second Edition.

The following sections describe what you can do with the app.

Quick start guide

Dweomery saves everything you do in the URL. It does not use cookies (except for the Cloudflare one, sorry) or any other similar storage methods. This means if you lose the URL your spell books are gone. Every change you make updates the URL immediately. For the game master, this makes it convenient to prepare whole encounters with multiple casters per URL.

Adding spell books

Clicking the button will add a new spell book for any Pathfinder class. From the spell browser view you can add any spell to your spell book by clicking on the name. From the spell book view you can remove the spell again by clicking the name.

Card abbreviations

On the left you see the spell card of Acid Arrow spell. To save space on the spell cards we shortened and abbreviated spell attributes as much as possible:

Time: How much time it takes to case the spell. The word action is always left out. 1 std means one standard action. Reach of the spell. Feet are shortened to ft and class levels to cl. Duration of the spell. Saving throw, in this case the spell does not allow one. X: Spell resistance, which does not apply in this case.

This time let's look at the Evocation school spell Battering Blast:

Here we have multiple new things: This time we have a Saving throw. The italic Ref. means there is a partial reflex saving throw, meaning the target takes half damage on a successful save. A strike-through Ref. would mean Reflex negates, meaning the target would take no damage on a successful save. We also have a … here, which replaces "see text". You have to look at the description to learn how the reflex save is modified. X: Spell resistance applies. Who/what is the target.

Printing cards

To prepare your spell book for printing, press the blue printing button. This will open a new tab where long spells will be spread over multiple cards.


Dweomery is free open source software released under the AGPLv3 license. You can find the code on GitHub.

Dweomery 1E was made possible through the Pathfinder SpellDB by Mike Wilson.

Dweomery 2E was made possible through the Pathfinder 2 Sqlite Project.

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